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Yingtao Jiang, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Co-director of Entertainment Engineering and Design

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Nevada Las Vegas


Office: @TBE A214; #702-895-2533









CpE 260 Signals and Systems for Computer Engineers (Spring 2020)

EE 320 Electronics I (Fall 2018)

EE421/ECG 621 Digital Integrated Circuit Design (Summer 2017)

EE 221 Circuits II (Spring 2015)

CpE 100 Logic Design I (Spring 2014)

EE 420 Electronics II (Fall 2012)

ECG 720 Electronic Design with ICs (Spring 2012)

ECG 795 Special Topics: Computer Arithmetic (Spring 2012)

ECE795 Multi-Sensor Data Fusion: Algorithms and Applications (Summer 2012)

EE 421 Digital Electronics (Spring 2011)

EE 427/ECG 615 Introduction to VLSI System Design (Fall 2010)









Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2001
University of Texas at Dallas







Research Interests:

         Algorithms, VLSI architectures, and circuit level techniques for the design of DSP, networking, telecommunications, and biomedical systems

  • Computer architectures
  • Biomedical signal processing, instrumentation, and medical informatics
  • Sensors, BioMEMS/BioNEMS
  • Wireless communications and security
  • Nanotechnology and applications




Selected Publications (2014/2015):