Signals and Systems I

EE360 Spring 2018



Dr. Brendan Morris,
Office: SEB 3216
OH: M-Th 10:30-11:30


Lecture: TuTh 11:30-12:45, TBE B-174
Discussion: Fr 13:00-13:50, TBE B-367
Final: Th May 10, 10:10-12:10
Look up your final exam schedule now to determine conflicts.


Teaching Assistant: Justin Le
Office: TBE B-310
OH: ThF 08:00-10:30

The Discussion section will be used to present computational tools to describe and analyze signals and systems. The course will be taught using Matlab which is available in the Engineering Labs. A student copy of Matlab is available for $99 and can be a very helpful tool in many of your engineering courses.


Textbook: Signals and Systems, A.V. Oppenheim, A.S. Willsky, and S.H. Nawab, 2nd Edition, ISBN: 9780138147570
Recommended Text: Schaum's Outlines: Signals and Systems, H. Hsu, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 9780071829465 [online]
Linear Systems and Signals, B.P. Lathi, 3rd Edition ISBN: 9780190200176 or 2nd Edition ISBN: 9780195158335

Online References:
Signals and Systems, Freeman, MIT 6.003, 2011 [link]
Introduction to Communication, Control, and Signal Processing, Oppenheim and Verghese, MIT 6.011, 2010 [link]

Catalog Description:
Deterministic signals and linear systems. Time domain description and analysis of analog and discrete linear systems. Analysis of linear systems using the Laplace transform and the z-transform. Block diagram and flow graph representation of signals and linear systems. Introduction to state space representation and analysis.
Prerequisites: EE 221 or EE 292 and MATH 431
Corequisites: EE 360 and either MATH 459 or MATH 432

Course Syllabus: [pdf]


Midterms: 40% 3/02, 4/6
Final: 30% 12/11 15:10
Homework: 20%
Computer: 10%

Homework will include Matlab programming problems (Computer). Students may work together in study groups but all assignments must be completed individually. Homework will be due in class on the designated date. No late homework will be accepted unless prior notification and arrangements are made.


The gradebook is available through UNLV Webcampus [link].
Note that the calculated % is not necessarily reflective of your final grade. The gradebook should be used mainly to ensure that I have correctly recorded your scores.


05/09/18 Office hours today (Wed) moved to 13:00-15:00.
05/07/18 Office hours during finals week:
M 09:30-10:30
Tu 09:00-10:00
W 09:00-12:00
Th 09:00-10:00
or by appointment.
05/01/18 Office hours moved today from 10:30-11:30 to 15:00-16:00.
04/28/18 Homework 9 is delayed until Thursday 5/3 (not Tuesday 5/1). Note the new version corrects a typo, you should solve 7.72 and 7.73. Be sure to make a copy/scan of your homework to use for midterm studying.
04/23/18 Homework 8 is delayed until Thursday 4/26 (not Tuesday 4/24).
04/02/18 Homework 7 is due on Thursday 4/5 (not Tuesday). Be sure to make a copy/scan of your homework to use for midterm studying.
02/22/18 Homework 4 is postponed until Tu. 2/27. Please remember to make copies of your homework for your midterm studies.
02/07/18 Homework 2 solutions reposted due to a typo on solution of 7(a) [pdf].
02/06/18 Computer assignment 2 has been updated to reference the Direct Form sections in the book (Section 10.8) and with fewer questions [pdf].
01/31/18 Homework 2 postponed until Tu 2/6.
01/17/18 Discussion section will begin Friday Jan 26. Note: the classroom has been changed to TBE-B367.
01/15/18 Welcome to Spring 2018.

Schedule (Tentative)

WeekDateLecture TopicReadingAssignmentDiscussion
1 01/16 Tu Signals and Systems
OW Ch 1 HW01 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 01/25
01/18 Th Signals
2 01/23 Tu Systems and Properties OS Ch 2 HW02 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 02/01 Tu 02/06
Comp01 [pdf]
Due Fri 02/02
01/25 Th Linear Time-Invariant Systems
3 01/30 Tu Convolution
OS Ch 2 HW03 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 02/15
02/01 Th Convolution
4 02/06 Tu LTI Differential Equations
OS Ch 2 Comp02 [pdf]
Due Fri 02/09
02/08 Th LTI Difference Equations
5 02/13 Tu Convolution Recap
FS Motivation [pptx]
OS Ch 3.1-3.9 (no 3.4)
HW04 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 02/22Tu 02/27
02/15 Th Fourier Series
6 02/20 Tu Fourier Series
OS Ch 3
Comp03 [pdf]
Due Fri 02/23
02/22 Th Fourier Series
7 02/27 Tu Review OS Ch 1-3
03/01 Th Midterm01
8 03/06 Tu Laplace Transform OS Ch 9 HW05 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 3/15
Comp04 [pdf]
Due Fri 03/16
03/08 Th Laplace Transform
9 03/13 Tu Laplace Transform OS Ch 9 HW06 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 03/22
03/15 Th Laplace Transform
10 03/20 Tu Z Transform OS Ch 10 HW07 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th. 4/05
03/22 Th Z Transform
11 03/27 Tu Spring Break
03/29 Th Spring Break
12 04/03 Tu Z Transform
OS Ch 10 Comp05 [pdf]
Due Fri 04/06
04/05 Th Review
13 04/10 Tu Midterm02
04/12 Th State Space Analysis
14 04/17 Tu State Space Analysis
Schaum Ch 7 HW08 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Tu 04/24 Th 04/26
04/19 Th State Space Analysis
15 04/24 Tu State Space Analysis
HW09 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Tu 05/01 Th 05/03
Comp06 [pdf]
Due Th 05/04
04/26 Th State Space Analysis
16 05/01 Tu State Space Analysis
05/03 Th Final Review
17 05/10 Th Final -