Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing

ECG782 Fall 2015


Dr. Brendan Morris,
SEB 3216
OH: MTuWTh 15:00-16:00

Lecture: TuTh 16:00-17:15, WRI C223 TBE B348
Final: Tu Dec 8, 18:00-20:00
Look up your final exam schedule now to determine conflicts.


Digital Image Processing, 3rd Edition, Gonzalez and Woods, ISBN: 978031687288.

Recommended Text

Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision, 4th Edition, Sonka, Hlavac, and Boyle, ISBN: 978-1-133-59360-7
Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, Richard Szeliski. Available online [link]

Catalog Description:

Theory and applications of multidimensional (M-D) digital signal processing. M-D signals and systems. M-D z-transform. M-D DFT and FFT. Design and implementation of M-D FIR and IIR filters. Applications to image processing such as image enhancement and restoration. Advanced topics chosen according to class interests.
Prerequisites: ECG782

Course Syllabus: [pdf]


Midterm: 20% TBD
Final: 30% 12/08 18:00
Project: 30% 12/03
Homework: 20%

Students may work together in study groups but all assignments must be completed individually. Homework will be due in class on the designated date. No late homework will be accepted unless prior notification and arrangements are made. The course will have a final computer vision term project. You will be required to submit a project report in the form of a conference styled manuscript and make a presentation.


The gradebook is available through UNLV Webcampus [link].


10/22/15 Please see sample exam questions [pdf] to help with studying for the midterm.

Please select a paper for presentation [link] by Tu. 10/27. This will be a first-come-first-served selection process so you should provide your top 3 choices. You will be randomly assigned a presentation slot. Instructions for presentations are posted [pdf].
10/19/15 Project description [pdf] and examples [pdf] are now posted.

The second half of the course will consist of paper reading and presentations. Please see the reading list [link] and pick a paper you would like to present.
10/08/15 Class is moving to new room, from WRI C223 to TBE B348.
10/02/15 Grades are available now through UNLV Webcampus [link].
08/14/15 Welcome to Fall 2015. This class will utilize Matlab/OpenCV for programming and Latex for assignments.

Schedule (Tentative)

WeekDateLecture TopicReadingAssignment
1 08/25 Tu Course Introduction [pdf] GW Ch 1-2 HW00 [pdf]
08/27 Th Introduction [pdf]
2 09/01 Tu Image Fundamentals [pdf] GW Ch 3 HW01 [pdf]
Due Tu 9/15
09/03 Th Spatial Filtering [pdf]
3 09/08 Tu Spatial Filtering
GW Ch 3, 6
09/10 Th Color Image Processing [pdf]
4 09/15 Tu Color Image Processing GW Ch 9
09/17 Th Morphology [pdf]
5 09/22 Tu Morphology
GW Ch 4 HW02 [pdf]
Due Tu 9/29
09/24 Th Frequency Domain Filtering
6 09/29 Tu Frequency Domain Filtering [pdf] GW Ch 4 HW03 [pdf]
Due Th 10/8
10/01 Th Frequency Domain Filtering
7 10/06 Tu Segmentation [pdf] GW Ch 10 HW04 [pdf]
Due Th 10/15
10/08 Th Segmentation
8 10/13 Tu Motion [pdf] Szeliski Ch 4, 8
Sonka Ch 16
HW05 [pdf]
Due Th 10/22
10/15 Th Motion, Keypoints [pdf]
9 10/20 Tu Project Introduction [pdf]
Reading List [link]
Project Description [pdf]
Project Examples [pdf]
Reading List [link]
Paper Presentation [pdf]
Due Tu. 10/27
10/22 Th Midterm Review
10 10/27 Tu Midterm
[Stauffer and Grimson 1999] [pdf]
10/29 Th Mixture of Gaussian Background Model [pdf]
11 11/03 Tu Shape Context [pptx] [Belongie et al. 2001] [pdf]
[Viola and Jones 2001] [pdf]
[Ahonen et al. 2006] [pdf]
11/05 Th Viola and Jones [pptx]
Local Binary Pattern [pptx]
12 11/10 Tu H264 Encoding [pptx] [Sullivan and Weigand 2005] [link]
[Maldonado-Bascon et al. 2007] [pdf]
[Uijlings et al 2013] [link]
11/12 Th Traffic Sign Recognition [pdf]
Selective Search [pptx]
13 11/17 Tu Histogram of Oriented Gradients [pdf]
Fine-Grained Recognition [pptx]
[Dalal and Triggs 2005] [pdf]
[Krause et al. 14] [pdf]
[Comaniciu and Meer 2002] [pdf]
11/19 Th Mean Shift [pdf]
14 11/24 Tu Saliency [pptx] [Itti et al. 1998] [pdf]
11/26 Th Thanksgiving
15 12/01 Tu Project Presentations
12/03 Th Project Presentations
16 12/08 Tu Final
12/10 Th -