Fundamentals of Electrical & Computer Engineering

EE292 Fall 2012


Dr. Brendan Morris,
SEB 3216
OH: M 15:30-17:00, Tu 13:30-15:00

Lecture: TuTh 10:00-11:15, SEB 1242
Final: Tu Dec. 11, 10:10-12:10
Look up your final exam schedule now to determine conflicts.

Textbook: Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, A. R. Hambley, Prentice Hall, 5th Edition, ISBN: 0132130068.
Recommended Text:
Lessons in Electric Circuits, Tony R. Kuphaldt, Available free online:
[Library Reserves] Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, A. R. Hambley, Prentice Hall, 3rd Edition
[Library Reserves] Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Giorgio, Rizzoni, ISBN-13: 9780073380377
[Library Reserves] Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering, G. Rizzoni, ISBN: 0-7-288771-0
Schaum's Outlines: Electric Circuits, M. Nahvi and J. Edminster, ISBN: 0-07-027389-8

Additional Material:
Laboratory KitArduino Uno
Electronic School Supply, Inc.
4543 Sunview Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Price: $73.47 + shipping
Contact: Sue Terry
Phone: 800 726 0084
Fax: 805 928 0253
  1. ELENCO PK-101B [link, pdf]
  2. Digital Mulitmeter - ELENCO M-1000E
  3. Opamp - LM741CN
  4. Breadboard power jack - 101178
  5. 9 VAC Wall Transformer - 1581281
  6. 7-Segment LED - 335101
  7. 5V Regulator - 7805T
  8. Thermistor - NTC-503
  9. Optoisolator - PS2501
  10. Hex Inverter - 74LS04
  11. H-Bridge- SN754410
  12. DC Motor - 6V Motor
  13. 10 Segment Bargraph LED - DC-10-EWA
  14. Photocell - CDS001-8001
  15. Timer - LMC555CN
  16. Stepper Motor - Unipolar
  17. Servo Motor - Sub Micro
Arduino Uno

Price: $30

Purchace Links:
Sparkfun [SMD variant]
I Heart Engineering

Inventor's Kit $95

Catalog Description:
Introduction to electrical circuit analysis, electronic devices and circuits, transducers, electric machines and power transmission. For non-electrical engineering majors only.
Prerequisites: PHYS180 or PHYS151 and MATH182

Course Syllabus: [pdf]


Midterms: 30% 09/20, 10/25
Final: 30% 12/11 18:00
Homework: 25%
Project: 15%
Students may work together in study groups but all assignments must be completed individually. Homework will be due in class on the designated date. No late homeworks will be accepted unless prior notification and arrangements are made.
The course will have an end of the semester mechatronic project that intended to help prepare students for senior design. The project will combine mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Students will design a small robot and program it using a microcontroller.


12/07/12 Final exam review slides available [pdf].
12/02/12 Project presentation template [ppt] is posted on the project page.
11/28/12 The class project page is now posted. This link will provide a summary of the groups and projects as well as helpful links regarding the Arduino.
11/14/12 Project Description [pdf] and Project Ideas [pdf] are posted. Your project proposal is due Tuesday 11/20.
11/08/12 Arduino Kit from the Mendenhall Program [pdf]
11/01/12 You will be allowed a single double-sided sheet of notes for midterm02. Please study the example question over the weekend [pdf]
10/23/12 Midterm02 has been moved to Tu. 11/6. It will cover chapters 4, 5, and 10.
09/13/12 Midterm01 has been rescheduled for 09/25. There will be an extra review session on Saturday 09/22 from 10:00-12:00 in TBE-B172.
08/29/12 Please contact Ms. Sue Terry and place your lab kit order by Tuesday 9/4 for bulk rate shipping. Talk to a classmate and split the cost in half.
08/21/12 Welcome to Fall 2012. First class is on Tuesday 08/28.

Schedule (Tentative)

WeekDateLecture TopicReadingAssignment
1 08/28 Tu Course Introduction, Definitions, and Circuit Elements
Hambley Ch 1
Basic Concepts of Electricity
Ohm's Law (Through resistors section)
Kirchhoff's Laws
HW01 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 09/06
08/30 Th KCL, KVL, Circuits [pdf]
2 09/04 Tu Resistance, Network Analysis [pdf] Hambley Ch 2
Series and Parallel Circuits
Series-Parallel Combination Circuits
DC Network Analysis
HW02 [pdf]
Solutions (temp) [pdf]
Due Th 09/13
09/06 Th Node-Voltage Analysis [pdf]
3 09/11 Tu Mesh Analysis, Superposition [pdf] Hambley Ch 2
Node-Voltage, Mesh-Current
Thevenin and Norton Equivalents
HW03 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Tu 09/25
09/13 Th Thevenin and Norton Equivalents [pdf]
4 09/18 Tu Capacitance, Inductance [pdf] Hambley Ch 3
09/20 Th Midterm01 Review [pdf]
5 09/25 Tu Midterm01
Hambley Ch 1-3
09/27 Th Circuit Analysis Discussion [pdf]
6 10/02 Tu Diodes [pdf] Hambley Ch 10
HW04 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Tu 10/9

Lab00 [pdf]
Due Tu 10/16
10/04 Th Diodes [pdf]
7 10/09 Tu Transients, 1st-Order RC Circuits [pdf] Hambley Ch 4 HW05 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 10/18
10/11 Th RL Circuits [pdf]
8 10/16 Tu RL Circuits, General Sources, RLC Circuits [pdf] Hambley Ch 4
10/18 Th Review Transients [pdf]
9 10/23 Tu Steady-State Sinusoidal Analysis [pdf] Hambley Ch 5
Basic AC Theory
Inductive Impedence
Capacitive Impedence
RLC Impedence
HW06 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 11/01
10/25 Th Phasors, Complex Impedences [pdf]
10 10/30 Tu AC Circuit Analysis [pdf] Hambley Ch 4,5,10
11/01 Th Midterm 02 Review [pdf]
11 11/06 Tu Midterm 02
Project Description [pdf]
Project Ideas [pdf]
Lab01 [pdf]
Due Tu 11/13
11/08 Th Machine Shop Training
12 11/13 Tu Digital Logic [pdf]
Hambley Ch 7
Digital Circuits
Lab02 [pdf]
Due Tu 11/20
11/15 Th Combinational Logic [pdf]
13 11/20 Tu Sequential Logic [pdf] Hambley Ch 7 HW07 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 11/29
11/22 Th Thanksgiving
14 11/27 Tu Transistors [pdf] Hambley Ch 12 HW08 [pdf]
Solutions [pdf]
Due Th 12/06
11/29 Th CMOS Logic [pdf]
15 12/04 Tu Project Presentations
12/06 Th Project Presentations
16 05/11 Tu Final [pdf] Hambley Ch 1-5,7,10,12 Final Review Notes [pdf]

Additional Resources

Mendenhall Innovation Lab - TBE-B173

Lab Assitants
Marc Gurney and Dan Sigler
Hours: M-F 8:00-16:00

ECE Labs - TBE B-350, TBE A-311 (computers)

For lab asistance please contact:
Brandon Blackstone
Lab Director